Proxmark 3

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Proxmark 3 - Your Ultimate RFID Tool

Unlock the limitless potential of RFID technology with our custom-tailored Proxmark 3. Designed for penetration testers, hackers, and tinkerers who desire flexibility and power in a compact package, the Proxmark 3 stands above the rest.

What sets our Proxmark 3 apart? At PhreakBoutique, we customize and pre-load each device with the latest and most robust firmware. We don't just stop there; every unit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance right out of the box - then we wrap your new Proxmark in a deluxe 3D printed case which will allow you to still see the device LEDs as you use it.

Moreover, we load up each unit with many tags and cards, giving you a diverse testing environment for various low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF) signals. Whether exploring the possibilities of RFID technology, deep diving into the underlying communication, or cloning an RFID tag for testing, the Proxmark 3 offers unrivaled capacity.


  • Versatile: The Proxmark 3 can read and emulate a wide range of RFID tags, from Low Frequency (LF 125 kHz) to High Frequency (HF 13.56 MHz), and even Ultra High Frequency (UHF).

  • Powerful: With its robust hardware and open-source software, the Proxmark 3 allows for deep interaction and manipulation of RFID technology. Its firmware can be updated to keep up with new developments and techniques in RFID hacking.

  • Customized and Pre-loaded: Every unit is flashed with the latest firmware and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance. We also load each Proxmark 3 with an array of tags and cards for diverse LF and HF signal testing.

  • Portable: Designed to be compact and easy to carry, the Proxmark 3 can be easily integrated into your toolset, ready for on-the-go RFID testing.

  • Community Support: The Proxmark 3 is backed by an active community of developers, providing regular firmware and software updates, as well as a wealth of knowledge for any questions you might have.

  • Plug and Play: Ready to use out of the box. No additional setup required.

Remember, while the Proxmark 3 is a powerful tool, it's crucial to use it responsibly and ethically. It's designed for educational purposes and legitimate penetration testing. Always obtain necessary permissions before testing on systems not owned by you.