Captain Crunch Bosun's Whistle Replica

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Captain Crunch Bosun's Whistle Replica - A Blast from the Hacking Past

Tap into the roots of hacking culture with our Captain Crunch Replica Bosun's Whistle. Celebrated in hacking folklore, this whistle is a recreation of the one famously used by John Draper (aka Captain Crunch), one of the original phone phreaks.

For those in the know, the Captain Crunch whistle is more than just a sound maker - it's a symbol of the free-thinking, rules-breaking ethos of the early days of hacking. Legend has it that the whistle, given away as a cereal box prize, was used by Draper to manipulate telephone systems, leading to the birth of "phreaking".

This carefully crafted replica is a nod to that defiant spirit, a must-have for any true tech enthusiast. Made to mimic the original in every detail, it's both a collectible and a conversation starter which can generate that iconic 2600 hz tone.


  • Iconic Design: Modelled after the original Captain Crunch whistle, this replica echoes a seminal moment in hacker history.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each whistle is created with care and attention to detail, ensuring a piece that is both functional and historically accurate.
  • A Conversation Piece: Whether you're a seasoned tech professional or an aspiring hacker, this whistle sparks dialogue and intrigue.

Please Note: The Captain Crunch Replica Bosun's Whistle is intended for nostalgic purposes, and if used for phreaking (are you a time traveler?) your mileage may vary.

Embrace the spirit of the phreaking pioneers. Order your Captain Crunch Replica Bosun's Whistle today!

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