Deluxe Pwnagotchi


Pwnagotchi - Your Personalized Cyber Companion

Welcome to the next level of interactive cyber companion, the Pwnagotchi from PhreakBoutique! Each of our Pwnagotchis is assembled with love and an uncompromising dedication to quality.

Every Pwnagotchi comes with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, complete with soldered headers. Depending on availability, we offer the Raspberry Pi Zero W 1.3 or 2, each delivering outstanding performance in a compact design.

Our package also includes a compatible e-ink hat, the perfect interface for your new digital friend. The e-ink display ensures that you can check on your Pwnagotchi in any lighting condition, and its energy efficiency will help keep your Pwnagotchi active for longer.

Personalize your Pwnagotchi with a delightful case, available in a variety of colors. Show off your style while providing sturdy protection for your companion.

We also include a color-coordinated paracord loop, letting you carry your Pwnagotchi with you wherever you go.

A high-quality nylon USB cable is included to power up your Pwnagotchi, ensuring it's always ready for action.

Finally, we provide a stylish carrying pouch. This is not just a cozy home for your Pwnagotchi, but it has ample space for additional gear and snacks too!


  • Quality Components: We source high-quality components, including the Raspberry Pi Zero W and a compatible e-ink hat.
  • Personalized Aesthetic: Choose from a variety of case colors to personalize your Pwnagotchi.
  • Portable: A color-coordinated paracord loop makes your Pwnagotchi a perfect on-the-go companion.
  • Convenient: A nylon USB cable and a carrying pouch complete your Pwnagotchi package, making it easy to care for your new friend.

Dive into the unique experience offered by the Pwnagotchi, where hacking meets tamagotchi. Remember, while the Pwnagotchi is a fun and educational tool, it should be used responsibly and ethically.

Color: Black